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Welcome to the game. In this campaign we are using the pathfinder rule books as well as additional materials all of which can be found at

I have worked out a level progression path for each race in the campaign, and they are all fair to the best of my ability. They will be updated throughout the game in order to keep balanced power levels inside the party. If you feel your character is under or overpowered please talk with me, and if you have any cool ideas for later abilities for your character I’m always happy to take suggestions.


1. Have fun

If you’re not having fun because of myself or another player, please let me know after the session, I’ll do my best to fix whatever the problem is.

2. Decisions are final

I try my best to remember the rules, but there’s a whole freaking book of them, sometimes I might make a call on an action that is later found to go against the rules of the game (ie that awesome spin kick was a +4 instead of a +2), in these cases the correct rule will be used in the future but what happened stands.

3. Skills

The rules say you cant have more ranks in a skill then your total hit dice (ie combined levels) I think that is silly and give players a maximum of the modifier that the skill uses plus hit dice.

4. Materials, Ammo, Food, and Water

Many spells require materials, bows require ammo, and players need food and water. While it’s assumed you have and are using these things, the cost is so minimal that I just assume that the players resupply whenever they are in town. This only works up to a point though, and I assume you are carrying a reasonable amount (2 weeks worth of rations, maybe 2 dozen arrows, enough materials to cast a spell a dozen times, etc) unless you stated otherwise previously.

Main Page

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