Fungus Queen

An encounter with a normally non-intelligent plant monster acting in a sinister and organized way is sure evidence of the manipulation of a fungus queen, but these monsters are equally fond of commanding and keeping other creatures as pets and slaves as well, particularly attractive humanoids. Those charmed minions they especially favor are given the gift of the fungus queen’s embrace, and are transformed into fungoid minions forever loyal to their pallid mistress.

Fungus queens are violently jealous and possessive. Those who attempt to lure away their charmed and dominated pets or cure those they have infested gain their eternal ire, but it is by succubi that fungus queens are the most enraged. Whether it be a simple territorial conflict or some deeper hatred born of their unique genesis, a fungus queen faced with someone whom she even suspects might be a succubus is a terror indeed, for in such battles the sensuous plants abandon their normally subtle approaches of mental control and trickery, and instead bring all of their power to bear in an attempt to rip the offending creature limb from limb. Fungus queens take great delight in transforming succubi into fungoid creatures under their control. While their jealousy doesn’t compel them to do battle with other fungus queens, they are always careful to maintain their own territorial boundaries apart from any nearby queens, and they take great pains not to poach from their sisters’ harems of charmed and infested pets.


Gain +1 natural armor for every 2 levels
Gain +1 DR/Cold Iron for every 3 Levels
Gain +1 Resistance to Electricity Per Level and Immunity to Electricity at Level 5
Gain +1 resistance to cold and acid for every 2 levels
Gain +1 Spell resistance for every 2 levels


2 Claws (1d6 dmg)
4 Tenticles (1d4 dmg)


Gain Compel Plants at Level 1
Gain Plant empathy at Level 1
Gain Constrict at level 3
Gain Enervation at level 5
Gain Create Spawn at level 5
Gain Sporepod at level 8
Gain Energy Drain at level 10
Gain Telepathy range touch at level 1 then at +10ft per level up to level 10

Fungus Queen

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