Ice Devil (Gelugon)

It is said that each ice devil—known as gelugons among the ranks of devilkind—bears within its chest a stolen, frozen mortal heart, which allows it to make decisions free of all emotion. Born on the icy layer of Cocytus, Hell’s seventh layer, most ice devils migrate to Caina, the eighth layer, where they plot world-damning machinations from courts of freezing steel. Although they are perhaps the most alien and monstrous in appearance of all devils, few breeds are accorded greater respect.

In combat, a gelugon prefers to let its minions engage foes in melee so that it can hang back and appraise the foe’s tactics, strengths, and weaknesses. The ice devil supports its minions with its spell-like abilities, always taking care to avoid impacting its minions in the area of effect of its spells—this not from any sense of camaraderie, only a cold and logical truth that its allies can survive longer in a fight if they are not exposed to friendly fire.


Gain +1 natural armour each level
Immunity to cold damage
Gain +1DR/Good Every 3 levels
Gain resistance to fire at 5th level and immunity at 9th
Gain resistance to acid at 4th level and immunity at 8th
Gain a point of spell resistance per level
gain one point of regeneration/good every two levels to a maximum of five


2 hands (1d6 dmg)
Tail (1d6)


Gain Slow ability on tail or any frozen weapon at level 1
Gain Deal with the Devil at level 1
Gain Indentured Souls at Level 1
Gain Telepathy range touch at level 1 then at +10ft per level up to level 10
Gain Cold Steel at level 2
Gain 1/day Demonic Summoning at level 5
Gain fly at level 9


Slow – a DC 10 + Character Level fortitude save to slow opponent for character level rounds.

Frozen – With an hours work you may attune any weapon you wield to the element of ice to give it a magical +1. and allow your slow effects to be channeled through it. This also immediately applies to any weapon you magically summon as long as it is made of ice.

Demonic Summoning – You can communicate with the demonic or infernal plane to summon any ally without ritual, this ally is not bound to you and may request reimbursement for their services.

Deal with the Devil – You can summon a contract and quill at will, written in any language and including whatever text you want. The quill will write without ink and instead writes in the blood of the one signing.

Indentured Souls – Once you contractually own a soul you may divert to it and it’s owner any effect which gives you a save, before or after rolling, this will use up your ownership. You may also use the soul to regain full hit points or a spell slot in a ritual requiring a standard action, this will kill the souls owner and use up your ownership.

With one hour you may also gift or barter any amount of souls to a higher devil, who may grant you a boon of his choosing.

Ice Devil (Gelugon)

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